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Five puppies found in a duffel bag in Butler County

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Middletown Police are following leads and hope to track down whoever left a duffel bag in an alley, loaded with a litter of adorable puppies. They are perfectly healthy and super-playful. And thanks to one curious woman, they have lived to see better days.

They are soft and cute and bursting with life and they cheated death thanks to a woman out driving early Wednesday.

"She was out scrapping early in the morning in an alley off a hill," said Animal Control Officer Liz Lucas with the Middletown Police Department.

Lucas said the woman noticed a black duffel bag laying in the alley just ahead of her.

"When she looked at it she noticed it was moving and decided to stop," Lucas said. "She almost ran over it but saw that it was moving around so she got out to investigate it."

Imagine that woman's surprise, there were five lively pups squirming around inside.

Luckily there was a small hole right here along the edge of the bag, otherwise the inside, which is vinyl-lined, left very few chances the pups would have survived very long inside.

"It was zipped up," Lucas said. "There was no mesh on the bag or anything, I'm sure there was some, enough oxygen that they could have survived for a while in it."

They guess the pups are 6 to 8 weeks old and here's why:

"Puppy teeth, little puppy teeth all around, and that's how you can tell their age," said Meg Stephenson, Executive Director at the Animal Friends Humane Society in Butler County. "You can tell how far down the puppy teeth have dropped and then once they lose their puppy teeth they then will be around the 5-6 month range when the adult teeth start dropping in."

The pups are a Heinz-57 of sorts, maybe a shepherd mix, with black and tan markings.

"I just have always loved dogs and I've always had dogs," said a woman named Chris, a volunteer we met her first day on the job. "And we found strays ourselves many times and have brought them to the shelter and I really admire the work that they do."

She said puppies are a lot of excitement, as two of the pups growled and wrestled on the floor. No shoelace in the room was safe.

"Other than that," Stephenson said, "They're happy, healthy crazy playful puppies that will need homes in the next couple of weeks."

"I would say you're looking at a 40-50 pound dog full-grown, which could be a lot of dog to feed, but it could be, definitely could be, but the joy that they bring you is definitely worth it," she said.

"I don't know if it's people just don't know what to do or they get in a desperate situation and they can't afford to take care of them," said Lucas, but also stated all people had to do was call and their department would have gladly come and picked-up the pups and taken them to the shelter.

Penalties for abandonment and cruelty range are high as a $1,000.00 dollar fine and up to 180 days in jail.

If you think you know anything about where the pups came from, contact the Middletown Police Department.

If you think you'd like to adopt one of the pups, contact the Animal Friends Humane Society at 513-867-5727 or log onto their site at 

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