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Goshen Township emergency crews rescue two kids from creek

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CINCINNATI (FOX19) – Two young boys playing by a rain-swollen creek fall in and get trapped, kicking emergency crews into action.

The call for help came as the worst of this weekend's pounding rains, flushed creeks, gutters and streets.

Goshen Township emergency personnel rescued two boys Sunday afternoon after they fell into a rain-swollen creek near State Route 28 and State Route 132.

"We found two juveniles hanging on to a tree branch actually one of the kids was hanging on to the other child's leg and that's when we initiated multiple departments for a water rescue," says Dan Vanover with the Goshen Township Fire & EMS Department.

It only took emergency crews about 15 minutes to get the boys to safety. The scene was less than a mile from the fire department, which may have ended up saving two young lives.

"Actually, from what we got from the juveniles they were on a side creek...and were playing and one juvenile fell in and the other went in after him and they were swept from the small creek to a larger creek and they are just lucky someone stopped at the light and looked over," said Vanover.

It's a scene that plays out every time it rains heavily for days here in the Tri-state.

"Children don't realize how fast the water goes a small amount of water can move a vehicle and our recommendation is anytime there is water just stay away especially if there are kids," said Vanover.

Witnesses say in this case the boys were playing unsupervised they're fine and were released to their parents.

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