Wake Up and Appreciate Leake

Posted by Brian Giesenschlag

This might be the year the Reds finally get on the good side of .500.

It might be a tenth straight losing season.

But we've already got a great story in rookie Mike Leake - although I'm not sure everyone in Cincinnati has noticed.  Leake is just the 10th pitcher in the last 45 years to debut in the major leagues without throwing a single pitch in a minor league game.  45 years!  And it's not so much the way he pitches that's been impressive as much as his demeanor on and off the field.  You've heard some guys have ice water in their veins, I'm not sure Leake has a pulse!

Leake is confident not cocky.  He's laid-back but focused.  A piece in Sports Illustrated pointed out that Leake is in the Majors while Stephen Strasburg and Aroldis Chapman are not.  Impressive?  Uh huh.

Walt Jocketty said the team could have easily sent him to Triple-A to start the season but Jocketty admitted, "I'm not sure what we would have told him he needed to work on."  OK.

He doesn't bring the heat like Strasburg and Chapman but Leake has already had an unbelievable start to the season.  Will he get knocked around?  Of course.  But Leake has been here almost a month and he'll be here, winning games, for a long time.

So, Reds fan, whadda ya think?  You're starved for a winner, starved for a good story.  Here it is.  Soak it up, starting tonight against the Mets.