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Keeping You Safe: Have A Severe Weather Plan

By Frank Marzullo – bio |email

When it comes to the weather, severe weather is unavoidable, but how we deal and prepare for it can make all the difference. Tornados and strong thunderstorms can happen anytime of the day and anytime of the year. However, the spring and early summer period tend to bring us our best shot of storms and this is the time of the year when we have to be on our game when it comes to dealing with them. When storms approach or are expected our anxiety levels can build very quickly at any age. Of course children are most vulnerable to show high anxiety but even full grown adults have a fear of storms. A great way to cut down on those levels of anxiety is to have a plan in place ahead of time so you know exactly what to do in the event of a storm. One evening after dinner sit down with your family and draw up a plan of what everyone should do in the event of a tornado and conduct your own drill. If a TORNADO WARNING is issued, there are three major steps that you should run through in your household when conducting your drill.

Step 1: Immediately stop what you are doing and head to the lowest level of your home. If you do not have a basement then go into a interior room such as a closet or bathroom on the lowest level. You want to stay away from as many windows as possible.

Step 2: Once in your safe zone, get down low on your knees up against a wall or under something sturdy. You want to tuck your head in between your knees and place your hands on your neck to cover your head.

Step 3: Stay in this location until the storm passes. It is a good idea to have a battery operated Weather Radio or a television in listening range so you can monitor the storms progression and know when it is safe to leave your safe zone.

Storm Preparedness Safety Kit

Hopefully once the storm passes you will be able to return to what you were doing and you  will not have any damage to your property. However, if a Tornado does touch down or you suffer heavy wind damage to your home and surroundings you want to be prepared. That is why you should put together a Storm Preparedness Safety Kit and keep it in your safe zone. This will consist of items that you will need in the event that your belongings and property of damaged.

Purchase a large plastic container and place some of the following in this container to ensure that your family is prepared. It is a good idea to have bottled water, a flash light, extra batteries, a change of clothes for each person, a copy of important documents in a water proof envelope, extra cell phone battery, wrench, hammer, extra cash, and some snacks. These are just a few suggestions of what you should have in your kit, click on the following link for a more detailed list of items.


It is only natural for us to be anxious and scared when there is a threat for strong storms or tornados. However, if your prepared then there is no reason to be scared, by staying one or two steps ahead of mother nature you will know you have done everything you can to keep your family safe. The following web site has some great information for all age groups on SEVERE WEATHER AWARENESS. I encourage you to click around some of the links with you kids so they can play a active role in the your safety plan.


When it comes to keeping your family safe remember this, FOX19 STORM TRACKER WEATHER TRACK STORMS before they arrive. You can stay on top of the latest forecast and latest SEVERE WEATHER TRACK, both ON-AIR and ONLINE at, we are working to Keep You Safe.

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