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City of Erlanger trying to smooth some ruffled feathers

By Dan Wells – bio | email

CINCINNATI (FOX19) – The city of Erlanger is trying to smooth some ruffled feathers after a rooster taken by the city's animal enforcement office has residents in one neighborhood pecking at the city council to have the animal returned. 

The problem is an ordinance preventing farm animals in the city. 

Residents on Edgar Court are crying "fowl" over a city ordinance that restricts chickens.

"I don't know what caused him to roost here except for the fact that I was standing here on the street one day,  he was eating and I thought (well) so I reached over and got him and picked him up and started petting him and from that day on we have been best of friends," said resident Charles Massey.

Neighbors say 'Cocky the Rooster' has lived in the neighborhood for more than three years and more than 95 residents have signed a petition to bring him back.

The bird was taken away by animal control after someone reported the rooster was trying to peck area kids.

Cheryl Mathers, who also lives in the neighborhood, says that's not the case. She says Cocky would only mad if he was harassed.

"He kind of makes his rounds. Gets fed then sits underneath the pine tree," said Mathers. "Sometimes he takes an evening walk. He doesn't bother anyone."

"The only thing that we want them to do is let us bring the rooster back to Edgar Court and leave him alone. That is all we want," said Massey. "We don't want them to change ordinances. We just want animal control to know that he can be here and we'll take care of him."

For now, that decision lies in the hands of Erlanger City Council.City officials say a decision on this issue should come in about 30 days.

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