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The day after the primary election in Ohio, and there is still plenty to talk about. Get a complete election recap here. Tonight on FOX19, find out what's next for school districts whose levies failed, and we will also follow up on what went wrong with the Butler County website.

A former NBA player was in court today, facing sentencing for assaulting his neighbor. Find out how long he will spend behind bars.

Is the Gulf Coast oil spill affecting where you buy your fuel? Get the consensus from across the country. Also, find out how the Newport Aquarium could help animals affected by the spill and how human hair could help clean up the mess.

The government is now requiring airlines to check no-fly lists more often in the wake of the Times Square bombing attempt.

More information is now being released as to why the a drug company had to recall 40 kinds of children's cold and allergy products.

The man accused of stealing a young murder victim's identity was in court yesterday. Find out what happened.

Controversy is brewing in Erlanger over a certain 'fowl' animal. Get more on that story here. must-click of the day: You see weather warnings all the time, but what do they mean? Steve Horstmeyer has your answer.

Today on the video page: An interview with the folks behind "Cornhole: The Movie" and how Clark Montessori students are reacting to not winning a commencement speech from President Obama.

It's a great day for FOX19 Weather Day at Great American Ball Park! Get your forecast for today and the rest of the week.

A warm and sunny day on tap, with a high of 82°. I have to keep the chance of a late day thunderstorm, after 4pm in the forecast. They will be isolated but we do have a slight risk of storms. Then lows in the low 50's tonight and clearing skies.

Sunshine on Thursday, with a high of 77° and our next chance for storms will be on Friday.

FOX19 Meteorologist Frank Marzullo

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