Better living through couponing

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Now more than ever, people are watching every penny they spend. So, what if you could save money every time you went to the store? You can with a few quick clicks of your mouse.

Clipping and storing coupons is a great way to save...occasionally, right? Then there are those who take coupon clipping to a whole new level.

"C'mon in," beckoned Nathan Engels, of Villa Hills, Kentucky. He may just be "the" all-time king of coupons.

"When there's a sale and there's a coupon that matches the sale price," said Engels. "Hey that makes it free."

In most cases, he is only paying the sales tax.

"If you strategically shop," Engels said. "You can find deals like this every day in the store."

And that's the real key here, you have to have a shopping strategy.

Engels said he spends only about 25 bucks a week on fresh perishables like meats, fruits and milk.

"I used to hate going to the grocery store because I'd spend 150-200 dollars and it would just kill you to the point you were putting groceries on your credit card and then you can't pay off your credit card and so many people are at the point and what we're trying to do is tell people, look you don't have to do that," he said.

"These bags of vegetables cost anywhere from 2 to 5 cents each and so by buying them when they're on sale instead of at a $1.59, we save a lot of money," Engels said.

Make a list and buy in bulk. Engels' goal is to constantly remove items from his grocery list and then, wait to strike when a store offers a real deal. Take a can of peas for example.

"Yeah we're gonna make our own baby food and this is great," he said. "No salt-added, the only thing that's there is peas and water, so instead of buying baby food at 60 or 70 cents a little jar, we can make a big jar for pennies."

"For all these cans it probably cost me 5 to 7 dollars and how long will that last? We project probably a year, year and a half," he said.

That's 5 to 7 dollars for a full year's supply. Their baby girl will never run out of freshly pureed baby food.

"And these diaper packs costs about a dollar," he said. "Maybe a $1.50 at the most and they're the name brand, "Huggies", "Pampers", the good ones."

"When we would find them for a dollar or two a package, we would buy 15 or 20 packages."

"Enough to last you...forever!," he laughed.

"This dial soap, we got it for free, it was a dollar, there was a 50-cent coupon,(which the manufacturer doubled) it was free, we had to pay tax, 6 cents in the state of Kentucky."

As for a stack of cans of "Manwich"?

"Best before February 2001," he said looking at the label. "I have a whole year to use all these and then if I don't use 'em, they just go to the food bank."

Of course, you have to invest a little time, but it's definitely worth the clicks and the clips.

Nathan Engels has all sorts of free advice on his website, he even gives free couponing seminars and is always happy to share good news about a good deal.

Check out his website and sign-up for deals at

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