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US Census jobs still available in urban Cincinnati

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - New unemployment figures are out today and the news is good, if you were one of the lucky who landed a job with the US Census.

The Labor Department reports 66-thousand temporary workers for the Census helped boost payrolls statewide.

Locally, there are still some potential current openings.

For folks in urban Cincinnati, there are still good-paying Census-taking jobs out there. The leg-work phase of the census, where you actually go and knock on doors. That phase just started May 1st.

And there is a stake in some 400-billion dollars in Federal money for Cincinnati, but only if the census is a success.

"They really wanna know where you were April 1st," said George Conner, the local Census Office Manager in downtown Cincinnati. They're looking for a snapshot of the population on that particular day. Conner said it's been exciting as well as a very hectic time.

First, his office had to let people know the Census was coming, verify addresses and then hire a lot of people to knock on doors where folks hadn't returned the form.

"We tried to hire them from the neighborhoods, to work in the neighborhoods that they live in," Conner said.

He said they tested more than 8-thousand people, but only a thousand people got called back. And there are still jobs to be had.

"They tell us can I work 40 hours a week, can I work 30, can I work 20, but let's say they work 40 hours a week during that time period that would be a sizeable amount of income," he said.

For a variety of reasons, people who made the cut find-out they can't do the job or no longer want to do the job.

"And of course, the pay is very good, 16 dollars an hour for an enumerator," Conner said. "So I think we'll have a lot of people staying on for that alone."

So, how do you know the person knocking at your door is legit?

"This is the actual bag that many of the enumerators will be carrying," he said pointing to a large, black bag that looks like the kind of case your laptop might be carried in. "As you see it's a black bag with a white panel that says U.S. Census Bureau and all of the Census workers will have a badge that will look like this.

Conner said, pointing to a white badge with the official Census and US Government logos on it. This will identify them as an official Census worker.

"They won't ask any other questions of the residents other than the ten questions that appear on the Census form," Conner said.

They hope to be done by July 4th with this phase, but some of the work may be extended into September. It's been going all far.

"No one has been bitten by a dog yet or anything like that, no naked people showing up at doors, not yet, not yet," Conner said.

So if you live in Over-The-Rhine, the West End or in Mount Auburn, you will need to call 1-866-861-2010 to apply.

You will have to take the test and pass a background check. And this is only in the urban Cincinnati area.

FOX19 has learned that temporary positions with the other two local Ohio offices in West Chester and in Milford, Clermont County, have all been filled. You have til the end of May to apply.

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