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Keeping You Safe: Pepper Spray

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)  - In the age of "do it yourself," more and more people are taking safety into their own hands. Pepper spray is a great, easy tool to use, but only if it's strong enough.

There are several types of pepper spray. They all fit into two spray categories: stream or cone. Chad Martin runs the security company Elite Protection Group or EPG. He said stream spray cans can usually spray farther, but you'll need better aim.

"Problem with that is that law enforcement, they're trained to use it," said Martin. "It works a lot better for them because it's a smaller impact area, but if you're a young lady, and you're under duress and you're scared, you've got to have a little more motor control to hit your target."

Martin said cone spray cans have a wider spread, but keep in mind that it could not only affect your attacker, but you.

We wanted to see what would really happen so we sprayed EPG tactics specialist Scott O'Brien. After we sprayed him, it took O'Brien 30 minutes of being doused with water before he could finally open his eyes.

"What he's feeling is the burning on my skin," Martin said. "So that's where your pain compliance comes in. It's painful. He can't see you. The lungs start trying to expel it."

In a real situation, EPG experts warn that you first warn your potential attacker, second spray them, and then run.

You should also make sure you have a strong enough can of pepper spray.

"That's exactly why we encourage people, you just don't buy anything off the shelf," Martin said. "Because a lot of those other formulas. He could have kept walking three, four, five seconds. He could have gotten a hold of you. Because this stuff. It drops them instantly."

Pepper spray can expire. That means it won't be as strong or work at all. Each can should have an expiration date on it. Typically it's between three to four years after you buy it.


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