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It's been a busy day on the roads, especially with this morning's rain. Crews also just cleaned up a gravel spill in Northern Kentucky.

A former police chief is facing charges after being arrested yesterday. Find out more.

An autopsy performed on a Middletown city worker provides more insight into how he died. Get more details here.

A local sorority is in deep water after a wild spring formal. Warning - some of the allegations are pretty disgusting.

First Lady Michelle Obama has released recommendations to help prevent childhood obesity. A few of them may surprise you.

At least five people are dead and dozens of others are issues after tornadoes rip through the Southern Plains. Get more details and some amazing video here.

Clark Montessori may have not won a commencement speech from the president, but they are still getting a White House official to speak. Find out who.

Tonight on the FOX19 Ten o'Clock News: Worried about paying for college? Learn some tips and discover so not-so-obvious scholarships. must-click of the day: Find out which magazine is going 3D.

Today on the video page: It's a scary job, but someone has to do it! Meet the man who changes the light bulbs on a skyscraper and get some tips on getting the "junk out of your trunk."

The rain isn't over this week! Get your complete forecast.

Steady rain continues to taper west to east and we will look at sctd. showers up until the noon hour, then drier this afternoon. We do have a slight risk  of thunderstorms and rain later today. A daytime high of 71°. Then expect rain Wednesday morning into the afternoon with a high of 73°. We will have a break on Thursday as we warm into the low 80's with a chance of storms late on Thursday.

FOX19 Meteorologist Frank Marzullo

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