Gamble House closer to being historic

By Regina Russo bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The last step before the historic designation of Westwood's Gamble House is complete was taken Tuesday by the Livable Communities Committee.

The committee voted to have that issue moved into the hands of full city council to vote on.  That approval will give Gamble House supporters the historic designation they've been fighting for but won't necessarily save the Gamble House.

"There's a lot of work to save the Gamble House, important steps though to protect it from imminent demolition, opens it up for local, state and national funding," said Gregory Kissel, Trustee of the Westwood Historical Society.

But the owners of the house, the Green Acres Foundation, say it can't be protected, and shouldn't be. They say the land is worth more if it's torn down so they can perform their educational programs for children on the open green space.

"I think they're taking private property rights and I also think they're not acting in the best interests of the community because Green Acres has done more for Westwood than anybody else," said C. Francis Barrett with the Green Acres Foundation.

So they've applied for demolition permit and are in court with the city.

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