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Milford sex scandal unfolds

By Rontina McCann - bio|email

MILFORD (FOX 19) - A Milford city police officer has been suspended for 15 days for having an affair on the city's time with the city's mayor.

An investigation started in the Fall, after one of mayor Amy Brewer's neighbors reported a police cruiser was always in their condo complex, which is a low crime area.

After tracking officer Russell Kenney, via GPS, Milford Police discovered Kenney went to Brewer's home at least six times, while he was on duty.

When the police interviewed mayor Brewer she said they had sexual encounters while Kenney was working.

Kenney was also heard on his dash cam calling Brewer and saying, "When I got to bed I had that big old body pillow, I held it close, I just closed my eyes and really pretended it was you...but pillows don't quite have the sex appeal that your body does, nor is it real hot..."

Milford operates on a council-manager plan, Brewer does not have any more power than other council members. The city's daily operations are run by City Manager Loretta Rokey.

Brewer was appointed mayor for a two-year term by her fellow council members in Jan. There is a clause in the city's resolutions that the mayor can removed from the position if they mayor "has conducted herself in a manner not appropriate to the position." The mayor can be removed from position with a vote of five-to-seven by the council.

The next city council meeting is Tuesday May 18.

City Manager Loretta Rokey released a statement saying:

"The discipline of a Milford employee is an internal personnel matter that must be handled appropriately through the disciplinary process outlined in our Union Contracts and by city policy. The City Charter and Rules of Council govern the expectations for City Council members. The Mayor has no more power or authority than any other City Council member. Each has one vote regarding Council matters and City Council members are not in the chain of Command regarding employees. Personnel matters are the responsibility of the City Manager under the Council Manager plan outlined in our City Charter."

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