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20 students arrested after breaking into high school

LOCKLAND, OH (FOX19) - Over a dozen students from Lockland High School have been arrested for breaking into their school.

Police were called to Lockland High School around 10:30 p.m. Thursday night on a report someone was breaking into the school. When they arrived, they found several students dressed in black running from the scene.

Officers ran after them and arrested who they were able to catch. Eight juveniles were arrested, as well as 12 students who are 18 years old or over. Most of them are charged with breaking and entering and resisting arrest.

The juveniles have been released to their parents and the adults were taken to the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Lt. Terry Wilkerson with the Lockland Police says police are working with school officials to look at surveillance video to see if additional arrests can be made.

Students say they were taking part in a senior prank. They ransacked a few items, but not much damage was done. Those involved say they were suspended for 10 days and some may not walk for graduation.

"They have made a big deal about it and they're ruining these seniors lives," said Jennifer Thiessen, a Lockland parent. "It would be one thing if they vandalized the school, if someone was hurt, but this is a rite of passage."

"The only people that know it's a prank is the kids who are doing it, when we respond to calls for service like this, we have to assume that they're serious," said Wilkerson.

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