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Reaction in Milford to mayor-cop sex scandal

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It is the sex scandal burning-up telephones and emails all across Milford, since the story broke about a sexual relationship between the Mayor and an on-duty police officer.

FOX19 talked with some folks in Milford, who are calling for the Mayor to step-down. It doesn't take long for something that seems so out-of-character for a public official and a lawman, to tear through a small town. And it was the way it leaked out, under the radar, that has some members of Council upset.

Councilwoman Charlene Hinners has been a public servant of Milford for more than 14 years. She found out from her granddaughter after school one day.

"And I said oh honey, no, no, I poo-pooed it," Hinners said. "I said oh that's not true honey."

But oh yes, it was true, and was confirmed by the police chief.

"Was I surprised?... No," said Hinners.

She said she is saddened by the Mayor's lapse in judgement.

"There have been certain consequences for the policeman," she said. Officer Russell Kenny has been suspended for 15 days. His good name and his department shamed by salacious recordings from his own cruiser while on-patrol.

"Oh, we got to end this conversation because I can think of a lot of little things I like doing to you," Kenny said in a dash-cam recording of a conversation between him and Amy Brewer. The Mayor admits she and Kenny had sexual encounters while he was on-duty.

"Then it becomes public business," said Hinners. "That's unfortunate, but it is."

"There need to be consequences across the board," she said.

Hinners said there is momentum building, to ask the mayor to step-down, so we went to Brewer's house. We could see the TV on in her kitchen and waited, but no one answered the door.

We spoke with some of Amy Brewer's neighbors and none of them wanted to talk on-camera, but most of them said they work 9 to 5 and they've never seen a cop car parked near her home for any length of time. They also said they think people are making a bigger deal out of this than it really is. But at City Hall reaction is hot.

"They're upset that this is going on," said Hinners. "They're upset that we haven't weighed-in on some kind of consequences."

We read Hinners part of a City resolution.

"If the Mayor conducts herself in a manner not appropriate to the position, a vacancy can be created, in that position by the council," And the person who signed that resolution? Mayor Amy Brewer.

"Personally I think it would be the only just thing to do," said Hinners. "For Amy to step-down as Mayor, she can stay on Council, but I do think she should step down as mayor."

In her only statement, Amy Brewer said, "If I have done something in my personal life that has offended anyone or embarrassed the City of Milford in any way, I sincerely apologize," but said her personal life is her business.

Hinners said Council will be doing some strengthening and clarification on the town's charter, as far as Council Code of Conduct. Their next meeting is Tuesday and there are sure to be fireworks. 

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