Truck theft leads to foot chase

By Richard Todd email

SILVERTON, OH (FOX19) - A truck that was reported stolen in Norwood ended up wrecked in nearby Silverton, with the driver caught following a foot chase.

Norwood police got a call saying an F-250 had just been stolen on Allison Street.  A Norwood officer spotted the truck shortly afterward and followed the truck up I-71 until it exited at Stewart Rd. 

Officers saw the truck wreck at the corner of Stewart and Ken Arbre Drive in Silverton.  The driver immediately took off running, but was caught a few minutes later in the area of a school of Stewart Rd. near Euclid Avenue.

The truck drove right through a utility pole, leaving the lower part of the ground and the upper part suspended in mid-air, supported by wires and cables from other utility poles.

Police from Norwood, Silverton, Cincinnati, Deer Park all could be seen at the scene after the wreck and chase.

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