Should seatbelts be on school buses?

By Regina Russo bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The debate on whether seat belts should be mandatory on school buses has been raging for years, according to Lou Klug co-owner of Klug bus service.

Klug bus service has been around for 58 years and says today's buses are built for maximum safety.

'Safety standards have changed. Aisle are wider and seats are narrower.

Klug says if the bus rolls over there are engineering specifications for the roof to reduce injury, but if seatbelts on buses become mandatory, parents should know.

"It's safe, it's going to help but what happens when seat belt becomes a problem," he said.

Seat belts could get jammed and students could be trapped. Klug says time and money could be better used to keep up the high quality training the state already requires of it's driver's training.

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