Little Miami approves 7th levy; Teachers leave district

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

MORROW, OH - Despite failed levy after failed levy the Little Miami School Board voted to put a seventh property tax levy on the Nov. 2 ballot at Tuesday night's board meeting.
"We're the poster child for unfair funding," said School Board member Bobbie Grice.
Grice says  the state has cut funding by nearly $6 million over the last two years.
"Our state funding is just a mess," Grice said.
That's why she says the board had no choice but to pass a 10.95 mill incremental levy for the November ballot.
"We have to put something on because in November that the last chance we'll have to collect anything in 2011," Grice said.
The levy would bring in about $8.3 million dollars in its first year, still Grice says because of the continued failures, they're losing some of their best teachers and administrators to neighboring districts.
"We accepted 22 resignations, retirements, many of them are leaving because of job security is so [uncertain]," Grice said.
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