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Buffet's rhythm seems to be a little off

by Roger Seay - email

  Cloudy and wet conditions really didn't make for a Caribbean atmosphere at Monday night's Jimmy Buffet concert but the crowd didn't seem to mind and many Cincinnatians were happy to see him return to his Ohio harbor.

  And while he looked very similar to the Jimmy Buffet of two decades ago his show seemed to lack a rhythm to get the crowd into a Caribbean frame of mind.

   The set had a wonderful large screen which showed beautiful pictures of white sand beaches, sun soaked shores and lots of folks having fun.  The Cincinnati crowd was overly dressed for a Buffet concert except for one female fan that I'm sorry I saw wondering around half dressed.  But the cloudy skies didn't dampen the spirits of the sold out gathering.

        During concerts I've noticed my wife has bad bathroom rhythm. And this evening was not the only time I've noticed it. If there is a song that she wants to hear I'm sure that will be played while she is in the restroom.  And that is how the concert played out to me.  The crowd would start to get into a rhythm but it then the rhythm took a break. 

    There were the crowd sing-alongs that you expect - Son of a Sailor, Pencil Thin Mustache, Changes in Attitudes, One Particular Harbor, Five O'Clock Somewhere, and A Pirate Looks at Forty.  They were spread throughout the night – seemingly, of course, whenever my wife needed a bathroom break.  And in between were newer songs from his latest album Under the Big Top.  But the other songs I knew by heart seemed to be missing. 
     And that is probably on purpose.  Monday's concert was a more grown up Jimmy Buffet.  It was a party where I would have been comfortable with the company of my kids and my parents.  And perhaps I've come to the same realization that Buffet has reached - I have outgrown the waterbed.
     The years of sold-out-week of concerts are gone as well.  But it was a special evening and during the encore – when "Fins" were to the left and right – you knew it was a special night in a special town that Buffet has immortalized in song.

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