Latest developments in Tri-State connection to Arkansas slayings

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There are multiple new developments in connection with the shootout in Arkansas, that left two police officers dead and two others wounded. FOX19 has new information about the suspects' tri-state connections.

The two Ohio suspects, who were shot and killed, have been identified as 45-year-old Jerry Ralph Kane and his son 16-year-old Joe Kane.

Thursday FOX19 reported the white van they were driving-in, was registered to an old Aryan Nation's church in New Vienna, in Clinton County, about 60 miles north-east of Cincinnati.

It's a church we first learned about when FOX19's Regina Russo investigated it back in 1997, in an exclusive interview with it's pastor.

The Kane's lived in Springfield, OH.

"It comes down to personal responsibility, we're the one, well not me," said Jerry Kane in a short clip from his website. Police say that is the voice of a killer. Jerry Kane taught debt consolidation classes across the country.

"He knew the line to not cross but he was right there," said Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly. Privately, Kelly said Kane preached a mantra of hate against the government and authority.

"I felt that he was a person looking for a confrontation years ago," Kelly said.

"We all thought he was a little dangerous," said a former neighbor Teresa Cashin. "But we prayed for him a lot at the church thinking he could come around."

Cashin lived a few houses away.

"Well he was a different kind of a guy and he sure had his own opinions about things and people," Cashin said. "He did push the fact that he was a free man, he could do what he wanted, carry a gun if he wanted."

The sheriff said Kane lived at the corner of South Limestone Street at 1515, but the neighbors complained the house smelled so badly of animal odors that once Kane was gone, so was the house. It had to be torn down when Kane left.

"I know he had a lot of dogs in the back and they barked all the time," said Cashin. "But he and his boy would go out there like they were his best friends. They were so nice to those dogs."

The sheriff said Kane had access to guns and was preparing his young son for battle.

"This young man was brainwashed at that time," said Kelly. "He carried a toy gun with him at all times. This young man did not talk like other children his age. He didn't appear like a normal 9-year-old then."

"July 21st 2004," said Kelly. This was when he issued a warning to all of his officers. "Use extreme caution when dealing with this subject per Sheriff Kelly, he is rebellious against the government."

Kane had been brought up on felonious assault charges. Police said he shot a 13-year-old boy in the leg with a pistol from his front porch. Now, years later, there is a deadly standoff in Arkansas.

"There has to be something that made these two get out and with weapons and kill two law enforcement officers," said Kelly.

"Are you glad to see him gone?," we asked? " Well, certainly not this way," Kelly said.

"I wasn't really shocked that he did it," Cashin said. "Because I thought he had it in him."

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