UC Students Have "Shiny Penny" Car Wash

CINCINNATI  (FOX 19)  ---  University of Cincinnati students, partnered with Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, will be having the first ever community-wide "Shiny Penny" Car Wash on Sunday, May 23.

UC Students, faculty and staff will be drying cars at Jeff Wyler locations throughout the Greater Cincinnati area after cars leave the dealerships automatic car wash.

Students are drying cars to support a student run initiative called the Proudly Pennies initiative. The initiative wants to collect one billion pennies for UC's Proudly Cincinnati campaign.

Jeff Wyler is also offering a free oil change to anyone who buys a car wash. This offer does not include diesels or synthetics. Those who can get the free oil change will receive the voucher in the mail after the event.

The car wash will last from 11am until 4pm. All proceeds will benefit current and future students through enhancement of student life and scholarships.