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Father, community calls for council to close club

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)  - A Cincinnati father continues his fight to close the club where his son was killed.

Dexter Burroughs was shot and killed at Club Ritz last Sunday. On Sunday, his father, Ehling, and others asked the community to weigh in to make sure no one else feels their pain.

"I'm trying to save somebody else's son or daughter from getting killed, shot, stabbed, raped or whatever in that place," Ehling Burroughs said.

Burroughs has protested outside and near the club every day for the last week, and he said he's not leaving until it's closed. Members of this community are standing by his decision. Dozens of friends, family and strangers showed up to support Burroughs. Many people also signed Burroughs' petition to close the nightclub.

"We're here," said Kenneth Price, the victim's second cousin. "We're going to love Dexter enough to be here. Hopefully, through our commitment, others also will join that struggle, because it's not simply about this family. It is about this larger community."

"I don't know the victim," said Jason Melmain. "I don't know the family. I came here today because this is a citywide issue."

On Tuesday, Cincinnati City Council held a meeting to discuss the incident. Club owner Andrew Williams told members the shooting could have happened anywhere.

"I think it was a very small handgun that was brought in a very unique manner," Williams said.

Williams is now looking to beef up security by hiring more security guards, installing more cameras, and making the club members only.

Still, this shooting is just the latest violence at or near the nightclub. Cincinnati Police have made 25 runs to the club in 2009, and so far this year, officers have made six runs, including: a Valentine's Day incident where three people were shot.

"Whether you're distraught or not, I have no sympathy for that because the people who frequent your establishment carry guns and they act with bad behavior and in a bad manner," said Council member Leslie Ghiz.

Club Ritz's liquor license was up for renewal five weeks ago. After negotiating with Williams, City Council voted to renew it.

"They're talking about they want more information," Burroughs said. "What more information? Let's deal with facts. My son is dead. Let's deal with facts. There's a gun in there."

As for Dexter's killer, police say they have an idea of who they are looking for, but need eyewitnesses to come forward.

If you know anything, call Crimestoppers: 513-352-3040.

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