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New details on Arkansas shooting suspects

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - FOX19 is learning more about the killer and his son involved in a deadly shootout in West Memphis, Ark.

Last Thursday, two police officers stopped a van on Interstate 55. That's when two men jumped out and opened fire. Two officers were killed, including the son of the West Memphis Police Chief.

Two hours later, officers shot it out with the suspects in a parking lot. The suspects were killed and two more officers hurt.

Those gunmen from the van are now known to be Jerry Kane and his 16- year old son Joe Kane.

Records show the two lived in Sharonville for a short time and before that, they settled down in Springfield.

The sheriff who got shot is speaking out and so is a former FBI informant.

What were the Kanes, who once lived in Springfield, doing in that white van in West Memphis? The van was registered to a specific address in New Vienna, 143 Main Street.

A building at that address is owned by a Middletown man, Hoge Tabor, who refused to talk to FOX19.

Tabor is prominently mentioned in the book, "Into The Devil's Den", a story written by FBI informant Dave Hall, with FBI Special Agent Timothy Burkey about their undercover experiences inside an Ohio white supremacist group.

"In the book," Hall said. "You'll find Hoge Tabor is one of the characters and Pastor Ray Redfairn of course, connected to the white supremacist movement."

"Oh yeah," Hall said. "I knew Hoge well."

"See when we had church in New Vienna," Hall said. "We had people at church that came from Indiana, Kentucky, a lot from Cincinnati, and Springfield and as far away as Chillicothe and western Pennsylvania."

Hall said his cover was blown 11 years ago and he's been in hiding ever since.

"When you get branded a race traitor," Hall said. "The penalty for that is death."

Still, he has never lost track of his original targets.

"This Jerry Kane," Hall said. "I'm 95-percent sure that he knew Hoge Tabor."

He has even kept tabs on recent events and Kane's wife, who he said made a plea on her deceased husband's website.

"Has his wife on there," Hall said. "That lives in Florida, asking for donations to have the bodies, flown, er shipped to Florida for burial."

A sign outside the home in Florida has a sign taped to the front door saying, "no visitors, this means you."

"I was losing a lot of blood and I was getting a little worried about that," said Sheriff Dick Busby, back in Arkansas, who is recovering from gun shots to his arm. Another deputy was also injured.

Remember those two dogs that were in Kane's van? One died in the gunfire, but the other one lived. Arkansas animal control officers re-named it "Valor" to honor the two slain officers. Officials are hopeful the dog will soon be adopted by a loving family. 

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