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19 Best Things About Cincinnati: Chili

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - All this month we've been showing you the 19 best things about Cincinnati, according to you. Finally, the number 19 best thing! These are listed in no particular order, but on the list, what else, chili!

"Lotsa garlic, bam!," said Jim Storgion, owner and chief chili-maker at U.S. Chili in Camp Washington. "We have bay leaves, we got chilis, paprika, chili powder, celery seed and a ground mix spice."

There you have it. Storgion is servin' it up hot n' good at U.S. Chili. He said it's that Mediterranean flavor from his Greek heritage.

"From the cinnamon spices that they used in the "pasticcio", which is a Greek lasagna," Storgion said.

They added chilis and came up with what we know and love, as Cincinnati-style chili.

"My grandfather started in the 30's working for Empress Chili and developed his own recipe," Storgion said. "Anybody who's in the chili business came through Empress."

The chili takes several hours to cook and cool, sits overnight and then it's ready. Add a healthy dose of spaghetti to a plate.

"Chili, fresh chopped onions," said Storgion. "And lots of Wisconsin cheddar cheese."

"It's got a little tang to it," said Dale Goodin who eats at U.S. Chili a lot.

You only need to know one thing about Cincinnati-style chili, no matter where you enjoy it.

"It's real good here," Goodin said. "That's all I can tell ya."


And here they are. The 19 best things about Cincinnati according to you:

The Findlay Market.

The Cincinnati Zoo.

The Cyclones hockey team.

Newport Aquarium.

Graeters Ice Cream.

The Bengals.

Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.

The Reds.

Music Hall.

Kings Island.

The Creation Museum.

The Roebling Bridge.


The Museum Center.

The Freedom Center.


The Observatory.

Coney Island.

Cincinnati chili! 

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