What Makes Kelly So Popular?

What do Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and now, Kelly Clarkson have in common?

Besides possessing some of the greatest pop voices of the last half century.They all owe Clive Davis a debt of gratitude. As the head of arista records for twenty five years, Davis discovered and developed some of the world's most successful artists.

Now at his new record label, J records, the music mogul has taken Kelly Clarkson under his wing.

The hits keep coming. With Clarkson's number one debut album, Davis proves he still has the midas touch. FOX sat down with Davis to talk about life in the music biz and his newest star.

FOX: So what makes Kelly so popular? Davis: "When we sent the album out we got 300,00 orders, then when they heard the album it went to 750, 000. Her brand new single Miss Independent has clearly impressed radio, they think it could be the album of the year. She was big from American Idol but the review have been rave. It's a rewarding success story. This is a major triumph for Kelly Clarkson."

"First of all it's her voice... She's versatile. This album shows she's going to be competing with the new Celine Dion. She can feel a lyric line. She's shows she's an artist and she is very likable. I think \America got to know her personality, she is down to earth she can be a friend and when she sings she's believable." said Davis

FOX: And what's in store for the next American Idol?

"The talent level is very strong, the vocal talent is very formidable... The competition is tough, now you're dealing with special talent you're down to those with a real voice, last year tamyra was so good, she had one off night and she was gone.. So now you're down to talent and let the best one win." said davis

Kelly Clarkson's debut album "Thankful" is in stores now.