Keeping You Safe: Gas Cans

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - FOX19 is "Keeping You Safe", as part of our ongoing series. Many of you may have spent part of your Memorial Day holiday weekend, crankin'-up the lawn mower and working on your yard.

FOX19 has a safer, greener way to store the gas.

Best way to keep you safe this summer? Toss out that metal gas can and try something that's a little friendlier to the environment.

"It's child-safety proof," said Kevin Bomkamp with Camp Washington Hardware. "It locks on and it twists tight."

Bomkamp said he sells a lot of the "high-impact" plastic cans, that are great for keeping curious kids locked-out.

"See it's got that lock mechanism," Bomkamp said pointing to the gas cap. It works like a medicine bottle, the kind with a "press-down-and-turn" lock, designed for an adult to easily squeeze and make a full turn before the lid will turn any further, but tougher on small hands.

"Kids can't really get in there and mess with it," he said. "Unless they really know what they're doing."

That's peace of mind for parents. And Whether it's a 1-gallon spill proof can, or if you need more, the new plastic containers are designed with your safety in mind.

"It's anti-fumes," Bomkamp said. "So no matter what happens, if it drops or anything, it'll all stay in, temperatures above 90-degrees can hit 'em and it will not seep or explode."

With metal gas cans, Bomkamp said you run the risk of creating a spark around gas fumes. And as metal rusts, that too can get into your gas mixture and harm an engine.

"With the eco-friendly one," he said. "It won't harm the environment by seeping fumes and it's plastic so it's recyclable."

Best place to store gasoline when you're not mowing?

"Like a shed, you know, away from the sun," Bomkamp said. "Keep it in your garage in a cool, dry area, away from kids and pets."

And as the label warns boldly, across the very top of the can, "KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN."

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