Jury member on the Widmer re-trial reveals her experiences in the jury room

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A juror on the Ryan Widmer re-trial called into the Bill Cunningham show on 700WLW on Wednesday and detailed some of the experiences they had in the jury room during this case.

The juror, who didn't give their name out on air, told Cunningham how the jury considered all of the evidence presented to them. Widmer was on trial for the murder of his wife Sarah.

The 911 call where Ryan Widmer seemed, according to investigators, to be "unusually calm" when calling about his wife's death, was a divisive issue for jurors. The juror called it "a major red flag" to some jurors, while others "brushed it off as not knowing how they would react in the same situation."

The juror said the biggest sticking point among the jury was that there were no obvious signs of a struggle on Ryan Widmer. Some of the women on the jury believed that they would have fought tooth and nail if they were being attacked, and fully expected Sarah do to the same. The juror, who believed Ryan was guilty, believed that "[Ryan] blitzed her. It was just something quick...he incapacitated her, caught her off guard, and was able to do it before she could put up a fight." Ryan Widmer was about 100 pounds larger than his wife.

On Friday, when the jury announced it was at an impasse, the juror said the votes were 5 guilty, 2 not guilty, and 5 undecided. After the memorial day weekend, the members of the jury who were undecided had changed their votes to guilty. The 2 who had believed he was not guilty could not be convinced otherwise, leading to the mistrial.

The juror said they was a little disappointed in the non-decision, as it consumed 4 weeks of their lives, and it would have been nice to close the book on the case. But the juror understood that was the way the jury system worked, and thought both the prosecutors and defense attorneys on the case did an "awesome" job.

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