I have a story for you. My mother has to be the best mother in the world! I recently got married to the man of my dreams and the wedding would not have been possible without my mother. She lives in Alabama but has to go out of town pretty much 10 months out of the year to work.
In order for her to pay for my wedding this past April 12th and my step sisters wedding in june her and her husband have to work shifts that are called 7/12s which means 7 days a week 12 hours a day for anywhere between a week to 3 months without a break. I know myself I work full time and got to school full time and come home just down right exhausted, but I get my weekends off. I can not even imagine not having the weekends to recopperate, but my mom does it every day just to make sure that me and my step sister could have the happiest day possible for our wedding.
On top of everything she basically planned my whole wedding for me, as if that wasn't stressful enough. I have enclosed a picture of her standing by the rolls royce that she paid for, for me to have on my wedding day. I just want the world to know how great of a mom that I have!!!!
Thank you,
The new "Melissa Roberts"