Club Ritz to close for 30-60 days

ROSELAWN, OH (FOX19) - A troubled Cincinnati nightclub is voluntarily closing its doors for 30-60 days, it announced Friday.

Club Ritz has been the center of controversy since the murder of Dexter Burroughs in May. Recently Cincinnati City Council threatened to shut the club down for good.

The club has now taken the initiative to close down itself voluntarily for the next 30-60 days or until the police investigation of Dexter Burroughs murder is closed.

Club Ritz also announced Friday that they were going to install a new security system, called Treoscope, that will scan patrons' drivers licences before they enter the club, and keep a record of patrons unruly behavior.

Plans are for Treoscope to be installed in multiple clubs in Cincinnati to keep track of violent club members. A similar system is already installed in Philadelphia.

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