Zimmer to Hold Coaching Clinic

Register for Mike Zimmer's Coaching Clinic June 21st

Mike Zimmer, current defensive coordinator for the Bengals and former defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys (11 years), is conducting a football-coaching clinic for high school, college, and junior high coaches. This clinic will highlight Mike speaking to the group about his defensive philosophy, chalkboard talks, film study review and a question and answer session.

This clinic will be held on Monday, June 21st at the Bengals stadium. This event has a cost of $50.00, and 100% of proceeds will go directly to The First Step Home, a charity supported by NFL alumni. For details on this foundation please go to www.firststephome.org

The plan for the clinic is below:

6:00 - Registration

6:30 - Defensive philosophy by Mike Zimmer

7:15 - Break

7:30 - Film study teaching defensive player techniques

9:00 - Questions and answers about general defensive football       (schemes, techniques, defending certain types of offenses, motivation, etc)

9:30 - Finish

If you are interested, please contact Mary Beth Schrudder at (513) 505-3808 or via e-mail marybeths@fuse.net