Ohio Supreme Court sides with Deters on firing special counsel

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Ohio Supreme Court issued a decision Wednesday that agreed with the Hamilton County Court's decision to fire a special counsel in Hamilton County.

Joe Deters, being unable to come to an agreement with the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners about firing a special counsel hired for matters regarding matters on the riverfront, went to the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court. 12 out of 13 judges on the Court then signed an order in October 2009 calling for the termination of the special counsel. The Board of Commissioners went to the supreme court to argue that the court did not have authority to fire the special counsel.

On Wednesday, the court ruled that the judges did not lack jurisdiction to issue the order, and  could, in fact, terminate the authority of the special counsel.

Deters said in a statement today, "This is a terrific win for the taxpayers in Hamilton County."

Hamilton County spent $20 million dollars in the last ten years on the special counsel.

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