Morgan Shepherd: Nationwide's Do Everything Guy

Morgan Shepherd has been in NASCAR almost as long as two of the main storylines this weekend—Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski—have been alive. The 40-year NASCAR vet has four Sprint Cup victories and 15 Nationwide Series wins.

But, it's not every day that you see drivers getting out of their Nationwide Series cars and working on them, but for 68-year-old Morgan Shepherd, it's nothing new.

During a truck race in 2001 Shepherd got out of his truck and changed tires. NASCAR instituted a new rule shortly thereafter banning drivers from changing their own tires during races.

"I was driving a truck up here and I said, 'You know I build engines, I build cars, I've done everything there is in racing but I've never ever made a pit stop.' So I came in, jumped out of my truck and changed my own tires and jumped back in," he explained. "So, NASCAR made a rule—drivers can't get out and change their own tires."

"We call it the Morgan rule," he said.

Even though his last NASCAR victory came in 1993, Shepherd loves running in the Nationwide Series, especially at Kentucky.

But the burning question on every local race fan's mind is, 'When will Kentucky get that coveted Sprint Cup race?' Shepherd would love to see it happen soon.

"It's just a beautiful facility, and like I said, I can't wait until they get a Sprint Cup race here. They'll pack this place out."