New company aims to give female run businesses a hand

By Sara Celi – bio | email

HAMILTON COUNTY, OH (FOX 19) --- Bad Girl Ventures CEO Candace Klein has a few words to sum up her new company.

"We're not just offering money. We're offering a support system, we're offering a curriculum and we're offering deliverables," she says.

Bad Girl Ventures is a company that invests in women run businesses by offering support, small loans and guidance. BGV will offer it's first round of training to a select group of five female owned businesses later this year.

"She has to actually submit a business plan, submit a WBE Application completed, and then that will be used to determine, one of the five women will receive a BGV 25 thousand dollar low interest loan," says Candace. She'll start taking applications later this month.

"It's no longer a idea and we are actually moving forward with our first class," says Candace.

One of the businesses planning to benefit from the training is "Cooking with Caitlin". It's already a successful female venture. Molly Sandquist says she hopes Bad Girl Ventures can take the business to another level.

"What a great opportunity to go through a class series, and learn and improve and then at the end, if there is financial reward, great then that's great, if not, what a great opportunity for the education," says Molly.

Brian Tiffany says that's why the Over the Rhine Chamber of Commerce has lent office space to Candace as she launches BGV.

"Her focus is giving women the opportunity to really realize their true entrepreneurial dreams," says Tiffany.

Meaning the OTR Chamber is helping one female company get others off the ground.

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