Bill Cunningham show tapes in Chicago

By Tricia Macke bio | email

CHICAGO, IL (FOX19) - I watched the tapings of 3 episodes of "Big Willie" as it will be called over the weekend in Chicago.  One show was about Naughty Grannies another about Pregnant Teenagers Gone Bad (real bad).   If you like that sort of thing.. you'll love it!

Cunningham is solid in the Jerry Springerish role.  He is witty, smart and as entertaining as PT Barnum.  He does nothing off the prompter, everything is off the cuff.   He is his 'Great American' persona... only on TV.

The audience that consisted of mainly Chicagoans who do not know Bill and do not know of his shtick... all loved him and enjoyed the show.   A few people did come up from Cincinnati to watch the tapings were not disappointed.  The only people that had a problem with the show were a couple of the guests who were ranting and raving as they were leaving the set.

I have always liked Cunningham... and I will watch his television show.

As long as there is a longing for low brow daytime talk shows... there will be a place for Big Willie.

Tonight at Ten, Willie talks about whether or not he will leave Cincinnati and 700 and head to Chicago to do TV and radio there.  The stories on his show and all of the behind the scene antics, will air closer to the air date of his show.

Fox 19 will carry it.  I was told by the Tribune people to be looking for Big Willie to air late this month or early July.