Anguished mother speaks out about loss of her boys

Kelly DeVercelly
Kelly DeVercelly
Blake DeVercelly
Blake DeVercelly
Justin DeVercelly
Justin DeVercelly

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AMELIA, OH (FOX19) - An anguished mother spoke for the first time publicly on Monday about the unbearable loss of two young boys.

They were brothers, who got swept away in rushing floodwaters last Wednesday night.

The boy's mother, Kelly DeVercelly, chose their family's house of worship, The Amelia Church Of The Nazarene, to talk about how their family is coping through all this and as the sign reads outside, "Vacation Bible School has been postponed in memory of little Justin and Blake."

"And they were so looking forward to it and it just breaks my heart that they're not here to share that," said the boy's proud grandmother Pam Riley. She said no one should have to bury their kids.

Tears were running down her daughter Kelly's cheek, as she talked about losing her boys.

"They were so excited and Blake was excited that he was going to get to be in Justin's Sunday School class," DeVercelly said. "That was all he was talking about."

The boys disappeared last Wednesday.

"They're boys," DeVercelly said. "They were told not to go over to the creek before they went over there."

The boys were left in the care of a babysitter, who was a friend of DeVercelly's, for just a couple of hours.

"I don't blame her for it," DeVercelly said. "She's got to live with what happened like I do and being mad isn't going to bring them back."

The boys got too close to flash flooding.

"I have a feeling that Blake fell in and Justin tried to save him," DeVercelly said. "And the water was just too strong and took them both away."

And that triggered a massive search for the boys.

"A thank you to them and everybody," said the boy's Aunt Jenny Jackson with tears in her eyes, grateful for the community support. "We just are in amazement at how many people showed-up for them."

"You just seen God working down there in so many ways that it was just unbelievable," said her husband, Chris Jackson.

FOX19 asked the boy's mom Kelly how she was explaining the loss to the boy's 3 year old sister. Her name is Hazel Mae.

"They were her world," DeVercelly said.

"After church on Sunday, they usually play out in the parking lot while they're waiting for us and she started crying saying, 'I want my bubbies, I want my bubbies,'" said Riley.

DeVercelly said she will forgive the babysitter.

"I will," DeVercelly said. "I'm just really upset because now my boys were my world and I don't have them anymore."

The family is focusing on grieving the loss of the two boys and preparing to bury them together. The boys' mother had wanted to move out of Felicity, but said the boys loved their hometown so much, that they will be buried there.

"That's what they wanted and I'm not taking them out of Felicity," said DeVercelly.

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