Storm damages building used as storm shelter

Broken glass in the parking lot - Kim Holmes photo
Broken glass in the parking lot - Kim Holmes photo

By Richard Todd email

ABERDEEN, OH (FOX19) - A group of people taking shelter from a storm in Brown County Tuesday night found themselves at ground zero after a storm hit the building they were in.

The people are neighbors to the Aberdeen City Building, many who live in mobile homes, who take shelter in the Aberdeen Police station during weather emergencies. A group of them ran over to the station Tuesday night when a storm suddenly hit.

The storm broke out a couple windows of the police station, damaged a computer, and smashed the window of the police chief's cruiser. It also knocked down a pair of trees a block from the station, and a tree two blocks away that landed on two cars.

The storm also left a number of people without power for a while.

After the storm passed through, the police arranged for about 30 people who didn't have power at home to move over to the gym at the middle school. They were all able to go back home within an hour or two.

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