Jesus statue destruction continues to draw crowd

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MONROE, OH (FOX19) -- The iconic King of Kings statue may now be just a frame after the fire but its reignited interest into just what happened to the giant Jesus across the tri-state and across the world.

"I think it's a sign that we should recognize and allow to work on our hearts, " said J.T. Williams, a spectator.

People from near and far continue to come up with their own personal theories on why the lightening mysteriously struck a sculpture of Jesus.

"This structure of all structures getting hit, man need to wake up, really need to wake up and do some things differently, " said Darryl Johnson, who came to see the destruction.

Others are finding a biblical meaning behind the blaze.

"I believe in God and I also believe in the Ten Commandments, particularly the one that says thou shalt make no graven images, so I really have to question their decision to rebuild this," said Brad Boehringer, a spectator.

And for some it's simply an eerie sight to see up close.

"It's creepy, it's a little scary, it kind of gets within you," said Joan Burnett.

Meanwhile the story has gone viral -- already thousands of comments on the Facebook page for "Touchdown Jesus" and one of the top videos on YouTube, it seems everyone wants to say they were there to see it in person.

"I just though I'd come down and see it for myself," Boehringer said.

The church held it's first service since the fire Wednesday night at 7:00 pm.

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