LeBron James Makes Surprise Appearance On His Day

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - LeBron James made a dramatic appearance at

his party - after it ended.

With thousands of his hometown fans already gone or leaving

"LeBron Appreciation Day" on Saturday, James walked through a

side entrance into nearly empty InfCision Stadium on the University

of Akron's campus and made his way down to the playing field.

As fans screamed and pushed to get a look at the superstar,

James, who lives a short drive from the school, was presented with

a crystal trophy, which had already been placed back inside a box

before his surprise appearance.

"Akron is my home and life," James told the crowd.

"Everything I do is for this city. I love everyone of you all.

Akron is home."

During a one-hour ceremony attended by nearly 4,000 fans that

ended about 20 minutes early, James was honored by the city he

affectionately calls home and a place the Cleveland Cavaliers star

and upcoming free agent will soon consider leaving to play for

another NBA team.

James didn't commit to appearing at the event, which was

sponsored by local businesses.

The 25-year-old did not address free agency during his 10-minute


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