Coroner upset about recent child abuse cases

By Sara Celi – bio | email

CINCINNATI OH (FOX19)-- Hamilton County Coroner Dr. Odell Owens decided to speak out and speak up after several cases of babies who have been abused or died in Greater Cincinnati.

"You wonder, how could a person be so mean so callous and then to take a 3 month old baby, a 6 month old baby and bash its head against the wall, drop the baby on the floor,  or throw the baby across the room," says Owens.

There have been several cases recently in the news of just what Owens is talking about. On Monday, a police report said 19-year-old Jamell Blackmon scalded his baby in hot water. Last week, police arrested Joshua McClanahan in Clermont County after they said he hurt his girlfriend's son so badly that the child wound up on life support. Earlier this month, a grand jury indicted Lionell Dangerfield on charges that he killed the little girl he'd been babysitting.

"I've said this in the past and I will continue to say--women need to make better decisions on who they invite into their homes," says Owens.

Dr. Owens is so upset about it, he shared with FOX19 exclusive information about a discovery his office made at Mill Creek about two weeks ago during some flooding.

"On the ground, was a fetus. Just on the ground," says Owens.  "Now obviously someone aborted or had a miscarriage. But not to seek medical help, not to go to the hospital and have it taken care of in the appropriate way, just to toss it out, just to me is just a another point that so many so many children are considered throw away children."

Owens says the best hope for change on that is through better education for new mothers, and better education for the community.

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