Cincinnati City Council passes bike plan

Posted by Amber Jenkins - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -- City Council has approved a New Cincinnati Bicycle Transportation plan on Wednesday.

The plan sets a 15-year program that will add 329 miles of bike lanes and other improvements to make bicycling in the city easier.

The plan also calls for immediate improvements over the next 18 months to three major routes in the city. They include Madison Road, Spring Grove Avenue, and Riverside Drive.

Even those who never ride a bicycle themselves will benefit, " says President of the Queen City Bike, Gary Wright." Having more bicycles on our streets increases the vitality of our neighborhoods just by making them more attractive to other people. People attract people."

City Council has also passed a separate ordinance requiring motor vehicles to maintain a three-foot distance when passing bicycles. The ordinance also prohibits driving or parking a car in a bike lane. and requires that drivers use caution when opening doors to avoid endangering bicyclists.