My mother is Georgianna Simpson and she is the most courageous, loving and unselfish person I have ever known and my best friend because even though there have been many downs in my life she has always been there and helped me through.

I remember one year when I was 15 my brother dove into a swimming pool and broke his neck. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks and passed away on July 4 1989. This was the worst time ever he was my best friend and my mothers first born. Even though things were incredibly tough for her she kept it all together and found an enormous amount of time for me and my other siblings. (there were 5 of us)

Shortly after that she was hit by a drunk driver on Labor Day weekend of that same year and nearly died. She was driving a Chevette and he hit her so hard that she cracked a telephone pole in half. She had her chest crushed, Her ankles broken so badly her feet were backwards and her leg was broken into so many little pieces she was suppose to have her leg amputated and was told it would take her over 2 years if she would ever walk again. Through determination and hard work she was up and walking in One year. Even though she has great pain and a very hard time doing normal things she never missed a beat.

She coached my highschool soccer team, made all of the other childrens games, and activities and still found time to clean house, homework, all of the things a mother has to do. She has been through a lot and I never realized how much it had to hurt her to loose a child until I had my own. I am 29 now and have 3 kids of my own and I appreciate her so much because without her love and guidance I don't believe I could have made it out of the hard times in my life(Divorce, Loss of my own child).

I think that she is amazing she never puts herself first it is always her children and husband even still, all of us are grown now and we still are first in her life. I wish that I could give her the world but I can't all I can give her is love and on this mother's day I wanted her to truly know how much her love, courage, wisdom, laughter and all the time she gives us and now her grandchildren really means.

I love you Mom!!

Samantha Watkins