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The danger in leaving kids alone in a hot car.

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Monroe police say more times than you think children left alone scorching hot day. At least three times a season. Shoppers and families here at the Cincinnati Premium Mall where two boys were left alone in a locked car Tuesday, can't imagine it happening at all.

How hot do you think a car can get? Over 100 degrees, I'm sure a hundred degrees. Says Ashley  Massey, shopping in 90 plus degree heat at the Monroe Mall with her 14 month old son Lucas.

Monroe police show me how hot a car can get when it's sitting out uncovered, no shade on black top.  According to Officer Bobby Sharp, "Car can get heat up to 140 degrees within 5 minutes. Under those conditions, first your body starts to sweat and then blood pressure goes up heart beat up, body stops sweating you're in trouble.

Which is why police say you should never leave a child unattended even for a minute.  So what's the penalty for doing that? A child endangering charge which is a first degree misdemeanor with 180 days in jail.

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