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Samantha Brewer Samantha Brewer
Yard in Aurora Yard in Aurora
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Summer dessert Summer dessert

Good morning

Today is Thursday, June 24 2010

A pregnant woman plead guilty in court Wednesday to Burglarizing several homes.  26-year old Samantha Brewer says she was stealing because she was addicted to prescription pills and her husband was out of work. Brewer is expected to be sentenced in August.

From one mother to another...25-year old Audrey Frye is expected to be arraigned Thursday on drunk driving and child endangering charges.  Police said Frye was drunk and had been smoking pot when they pulled her over.  Frye is also reportedly pregnant and police said she had her three-year old daughter in the car with her. 

Police in Aurora Indiana said they're dealing with a string of unusual burglaries.  Residents are complaining about yard items being stolen including decorative frogs, rabbits, statues, and even plants. I can't help but wonder what the street value of a decorative frog is going for these days.

BP said they have put the containment dome back in place Wednesday evening after the latest gulf coast screw up.  BP officials said Wednesday the dome had to be removed after one of their underwater robots bumped into the dome. 

After doing some investigating Sheila discovered there are a lot of rumors about sun screen that are incorrect.  Find out how sunscreens measure up against each other including which types are best for your family.  Catch all the details on the FOX19 morning show and later on FOX19.com. 

Learn how to make the ultimate summer dessert today on the FOX19 morning news show.  Rita Heikenfeld will join Rob and Sheila on the set with the recipe for "fresh berries with brème brulee crust." Heikenfeld will show you how to make it and we'll keep the recipe up on FOX19.com for you to write down.

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