Keeping You Safe: Crib recall

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - FOX19 is "Keeping You Safe", with word of a huge baby crib recall. Seven companies are voluntarily recalling more than two million cribs.

If you have an older crib with a drop-side rail, the problem is with cribs that have a drop side. They slide up and down but can detach and do a world of hurt to your baby. A child can fall down and get trapped between the mattress and the rail.

"The issue here is the child can suffocate if their face gets pressed against the mattress, another hazard is that children can simply fall out and be injured," said Patty Davis with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The CPSC is urging people not to use cribs that are older than ten years. But Steve and Shirley Porter, the owners of the "Kids Kloset", a consignment store in Newport, KY, said their experience has shown, it depends on who makes the cribs. The Porters said some select older models are just made better.

"This is one of the ends of an old-time bed that has the metal rods that the sides go up and down on," said Steve Porter. "As you can see they have a stop at the bottom that keeps the side from collapsing."

The Porters said you should write the manufacturer of your particular crib and ask to get the free replacement parts. More than likely the company will send you the plastic parts. Make sure you ask for the metal ones, they'll last a lot longer.

"Manufacturers have reduced their overhead by not using the metal anymore," Porter said. "Which is more expensive."

"The metal rods and the metal stop don't break," he said. "The problem with the newer beds is that they have a plastic slide, that has a plastic release and then it also has a plastic stop at the bottom, of course, steel is stronger than plastic."

"When the little clip breaks off this rail would go all the way to the floor when they go to lower it," Shirley Porter said.

"We recommend that if you have a new baby, that you get a new crib," Davis said.

Or, if you can't afford a new one, the Porters recommend you shop around for a solid used one. The shop owners say they will only sell drop side cribs they can retro-fit with the safety stop.

Free repair kits will be given to consumers over the next few weeks to immobilize the drop-sides.

This latest recall is part of a wider program that involves the recall of nine million drop-side cribs.

The companies and cribs involved in the recall are:

Jenny-Lind drop-side cribs made by Even-Flo

Drop-side cribs made by Delta Enterprises

Child Craft stationary-side cribs

Jardine drop-side cribs

Bonavita, Babi-Italia and Issi drop-side cribs made by La-Jobi

Million Dollar Baby drop-side cribs.

Simmons drop-side cribs.

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