Saturday Morning News Update - The week in review

Is it hot enough for you?  Isn't that the universal greeting this time of the year?  You can read all about the Heat Emergency that is in effect this weekend.  The fine folks over at the Cincinnati Health Department also included some ideas to stay cool - of course our ideas include staying inside and reading some of the cool things here on

If you missed it last night - the International Space Station is visible again tonight around 10:30.  You can get other details here.  I've watched it before and if you have a pair of binoculars you can almost make out the station detail.  Even without help it looks like a very bright star moving across the heavens in a northeast direction.  If you start watching someone that has a good view to the southwest you should have plenty of time to spot it.

Once again - so popular we've made a weekly action item - the 19 Mugshot Roundup.  19 of the best looking mugs that have crossed our desk this week.  Be sure to read the backstory by clicking on the picture.

A website just for your neighborhood - visit the Community.  If we don't have your hometown I hope we will soon.  News that is targeted to your community.  Plus we need your help - volunteer to become a community reporter - all the info is on the page.

How about the crazy thunderstorms we've had the past couple of weeks.  Did you get a chance to see some of the pictures sent in by FOX19 viewers?  Click here to see what Steve Horstmeyer says is the best wall cloud he's ever seen.

Police, DNR, and local law enforcement are going to be watching the waterways.  Boating safety is a high priority this weekend.  FOX19 showed you the remains of a boat that exploded while on the Ohio with a very lucky crew.

Sometimes when you get mad you can grab just about anything - that is what happened to this woman in Lufkin, Texas.

Perhaps the biggest talker of the week came, once again, from Mason.  Remember last week when "touchdown" Jesus was struck by lightning and burned?  Well, this week PETA (yes, the animal folks) offered to help pay for a new statute.

Nationally, besides the Gulf Oil Spill, the big talker was the resignation of General McChrystal in Afghanistan.  FOX19 carried live President Obama's nomination of General Petraeus as his replacement.

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