Mini pies for 4th of July picnics from Little Dutch Bakery

Mini pies for 4th of July picnics
Easy pie dough recipe  for personal pies
3 cups all purpose flour
2 dashes of salt
1 cup of  veg. shortening   or  butter (adds a little more flavor)
1 cup of ice cold water 
Favorite pie filling  (diced up a little)
Eggwash =1 egg   and a little water(a few tablespoons) beat together (to promote browning)
Pastry brush
Favorite cookie cutters
Baking sheet  (I use silicone papers on mine)
Icing  or  sugar  (for the topping)
Place  flour- salt in mixing bowl 
Add shortening  and cut in with  a pastry blender  or your hands  until  shortening is  marble size
Add ice water a little at a time  while kneading  until  somewhat smooth
Roll out on   dough on floured  table  until  somewhat thin
Cut out  2 identical  shapes
Place favorite  diced fruits  on one side of cut out shape
Place other side of cut out on top like a sandwich
Press on edges a little to seal
Egg wash top of pies with a pastry brush
With a  sharp knife  OR  scissors, cut small slits on top to allow steam to escape
Sprinkle sugars  or leave plain to ice later
Bake at 400 degrees  for  approx.  12-15 minutes or  until   a lite  brown.(all ovens bake diff.)