Bad boy athletes or bad behavior

By Regina Russo - email

Cincinnati Bengal Cedric Benson arrested on assault charges in Austin Texas, for hitting a nightclub employee who was trying to kick him out of a club.

Cincinnati second baseman Brandon Phillips arrested on Saturday for speeding, doing 70 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone in Park Hills Kentucky. He pled guilty to reckless driving and is required to attend traffic school.

Are professional athletes professional bad boys who live in a world of entitlement, bravado, ego, just do whatever they want?

Former Cincinnati Bengal Mike Martin says, "Some do, but most don't."

He says people should put these incidents in perspective.

"You don't have to be an athlete for that to happen because you are, you are scrutinized. Athletes must watch themselves at all cost," said Martin.

Martin remembers a conversation he had with former Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan, who told him, "Because I'm high profile, I have to keep someone with me at all times. It's the world I've built for myself."

He adds that young millionaires do the same - "Hire a driver, get a bodyguard, keep your distance between you and trouble."

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