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Fanboy in the Basement: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

Fanboy in the Basement: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

Scott B. Sims -

At 23, Scott Pilgrim has it all. He's in a rock band called the Sex Bob-omb. He has good friends. And he's dating a 17 year old high school girl named Knives Chau. Sounds like a new show on the CW? No, this is Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life. Written by Bryan Lee O'Malley and published by Oni Press.


Scott's world is going along swimmingly until he has a dream about a rollerblading delivery girl. Scott becomes distracted by the dream; until by chance, while checking out books at the Toronto Library with Knives, the girl who's been skating in his dreams turns out to be a real rollerblading delivery girl working for Amazon CA. At a party, he makes a few inquires to discover that her name is Ramona Flowers and that she's at the party. After a disastrous first meeting, he tries again; this time by ordering something from Amazon CA. The next meeting sets the tone for the rest of the book.


I really enjoyed this story. Lee O'Malley does a good job with character development. He keeps the story flowing and none of the sideline characters like his roommate Wallace or his sister bog the story down. After seeing Knives fall in love with Scott, you begin to wonder how she will fit into the rest of the story. His use of language and creative sidebars adds to the stories charm. Lee O'Malley's art has that manga flair which makes this book fun. But while reading it, I was on the fence about getting the 2nd volume where the movie gets its title Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. But four items in the story changed my mind. (These things will make sense after reading the book, which I do recommend.) (1) The line, "this really convenient subspace highway happens to go through your head." (2) The line "so, okay…I have to fight- - "Defeat" - -"Defeat your seven evil ex-boyfriends if I want to keep dating you." (3) The first fight with the 1st evil ex-boyfriend. And (4) Ramona's look when Scott mentions Gideon at the end.


I ordered volume 2 from Amazon; just waiting for Ramona to skate through my dream.


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