Consumers warned about signing waivers to buy illegal fireworks


FRANKFORT, Ky. – The Kentucky State Fire Marshal's office has uncovered attempts by those selling fireworks to skirt state laws in order to sell otherwise illegal fireworks. William Swope, Jr., Kentucky's state fire marshal, says his office has been given waivers that some sellers are handing to customers who wish to buy illegal fireworks. The waiver, to be signed by the customer, states the customer "is admitting that you will not set off, use or detonate these fireworks in the state of Kentucky, but rather that you will transport these fireworks outside of the state of Kentucky for lawful retail sale or use in another state."

"Anyone purchasing illegal fireworks, signing these waivers and knowingly disregarding Kentucky laws by re-selling or detonating the fireworks in Kentucky is committing fraud," said Swope. "By inducing the consumer to purchase and use the fireworks illegally, the seller is also committing fraud."

The waivers are being seen more frequently as the Fourth of July celebration weekend approaches. While most licensed fireworks vendors comply with the law, those that do not can be cited and fined.

"To reinforce our earlier message regarding fireworks safety, the law permits only certain 'Class C Safe and Sane' fireworks. If a firework explodes or shoots in the air, it's illegal," added Swope. "Many communities will be hosting professional firework shows this weekend. Please take your family to see these displays rather than risk permanent injury to yourself or a loved one."