KY alpaca hair heads to Gulf of Mexico

By Sara Celi – bio | email

BURLINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Linda Salsbury estimates she collected about two thousand pounds of alpaca fur to send to oil cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. She says it can be used as part of the boom. A truck came to pick up the donation on Monday at her farm.

"At least we can be active doing something to help, and this helps soak up the oil that is coming in the shore. They love alpaca fiber particularly because it's very absorbent," says Salsbury.

Salsbury says 12 alpaca farmers from around KY donated the fur. The final donation is double what she had hoped to send. Alpaca fur would normally be turned into yarn.

"It's not a loss in that manner if we're doing something that we know is going to help others. We're not going to miss that," says Linda.

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