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DNR officers patrol waterways for drunk boaters

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)  - Local Ohio Department of Natural Resource officers patrol 100 miles of water. They conduct random searches; hoping you won't mix a dangerous combination: drinking and boating.

That's because summertime means boating time for many throughout the region.

Jim Schmidt and his family only packed the essentials for their trip on the water: fruit, snacks, water, but no booze. Schmidt said it's important to him to stay alert when he's out on the river.

"You're looking almost like you do for drunk drivers," said Schmidt. "You're looking for that boat. He's swerving. Too fast. Or he's cutting in front. I want to get away from him. Or stay away from him. Or they're screaming and yelling as they go by."

And that's just what DNR officers are looking for on the water.

"One beer on the water equals to be about three beers on the land," said Ofc. Matt Kruce. "It's because of the stressors you have. You have the heat. You have the waves. You have the noise. You have the constant rocking."

Officers watched boaters for red flags: zigzagging boats, large numbers of people on board, and of course alcohol.

Officers also kept a close eye out for safety violations as well, including not having enough life jackets for everyone on board.

Officers said just like when you're driving a car, the legal limit on the water is .08.


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